Counting Down with You

Counting Down with You


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A reserved Bangladeshi teenager has twenty-eight days to make the biggest decision of her life after agreeing to fake date her school’s resident bad boy.
How do you make one month last a lifetime?

Karina Ahmed has a plan. Keep her head down, get through high school without a fuss, and follow her parents’ rules—even if it means sacrificing her dreams. When her parents go abroad to Bangladesh for four weeks, Karina expects some peace and quiet. Instead, one simple lie unravels everything.

Karina is my girlfriend.

Tutoring the school’s resident bad boy was already crossing a line. Pretending to date him? Out of the question. But Ace Clyde does everything right—he brings her coffee in the mornings, impresses her friends without trying, and even promises to buy her a dozen books (a week) if she goes along with his fake-dating facade. Though Karina agrees, she can’t help but start counting down the days until her parents come back.

T-minus twenty-eight days until everything returns to normal—but what if Karina no longer wants it to?

Title:Counting Down with You
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    Counting Down with You Reviews

  • chai ?

    Counting Down with You was such a warm joy to read, and it left me with something luminous bubbling bright within my chest. It’s a charming and aching story with a quietly furious heart, a story tha...

  • Tashie Bhuiyan

    hello, tashie here! (yes, that was an A:TLA reference)so, shockingly enough, i'm the author of COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU. i wanted to pop in here for the first and last time to give all of you some infor...

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    A grader, smart, responsible, quirky, adorable South Asian girl and badass, handsome, sweet tooth, rebellious white boy unite for tutoring sessions and fake dating scheme, friends to lovers theme, pro...

  • Lia Carstairs

    Update [April 15, 2021]: okay, the more i think abt this book, the angrier i get so im just gonna be dropping my rating to 1 star------a lot of things annoyed me but the way the Muslim aspect of this ...

  • Chloe Gong

    I read Counting Down with You way, way back in ye olde days of 2019 and then again as it nears publication, and *clenches fist* it's still so goddamn good. This is a story about a teen girl finding st...

  • human

    BYE, I'M DEADDECEASEDUNLIVINGALIVEN'TTHANK YOU NETGALLEY GODS. YOU'VE MADE MY 2020.~~~~~~~~~oh man, i'm a sucker for fake-dating...

  • Raeesah Da'Neer

    ** UPDATE: the author has reached out to me acknowledging the harmful misrepresentation of culture and religion in this book. They have updated since therefore please keep note my review is based on t...

  • Peyton Reads


  • Jananie (thisstoryaintover)

    this was super cute and definitely one that a lot of teens will enjoy! Absolutely LOVED Dadu as she was the true MVP ♥️ I also really appreciated the anxiety rep and seeing how Karina dealt with i...

  • Emma Lord

    I was so thrilled for the opportunity to read this much buzzed about book in advance, and even *more* thrilled that it not only lived up to the hype, but smashed past it! Truly *chef's kiss* take on t...